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The best way to loose weight Without Fat Burner .

People spend thousands of rupees on fat-burning supplements thinking that they are the best way to lose weight.

Most of those supplements are high-processed or artificial which can be harmful to your health.

What if we tell you that you do not have to waste your hard-earned money. You can prepare a FAT BURNER from a magical spice from your kitchen itself.

We are talking about cinnamon (Dalchini)! Cinnamon has medicinal properties and is significantly used in Ayurveda. But, how Cinnamon helps you to lose fat?

Cinnamon helps you to improve and regulate your bodies' metabolism by improving your sensitivity towards hormones insulin.

Apart from weight loss, cinnamon can help you in various other ways. Some of them are : 1. High in anti-oxidants 2. Has anti-inflammatory properties 3. Reduces the risk of heart diseases 4. Lowers blood sugar levels 5. Helps you to fight bacteria and fungal infections

BOTTOM LINE : Do not ignore the power of Indian spices. While we look towards the west, they are consuming the traditional Indian spices as medicines. Cinnamon is one such potent- medicinal spice that can help you to lose extra kilos. You can prepare either carrom-cinnamon water or bay leaf water to make a fat burner drink at home. You can still add cinnamon to your chai or oatmeal to add some spice to your life. The recipe for cinnamon bay-leaf water is below in the comment section!

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