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Quick ⚠️ warning , cleansing can feel extreme but is yet effective 🧿

Quick warning, cleansing can feel extreme but is yet effective 🙌

Why cleanse?

Even though your body naturally detoxes every day, there are «decay» products that accumulate in the intestines over time and are not digested ⛔️

Their remains stay there, rot and enter the bloodstream, causing low hemoglobin, ceasing iron from being absorbed, and, sort of, poisoning the body from the inside.

The body can also experience toxic overload through acne breakouts, unexplained headaches, fatigue, and lack of energy.

Speaking of your energy, cleansing can help align and increase it in the first two chakras – Muladhara and Swadhisthana 🧘

Just like food remains, stagnant energy in these chakras affects your money and relationship problems, lack of inner peace and stability, and inability to relax and enjoy things.

How cleansing can divide life into «before» and «after»? 👉🏻

✅ Developed clairaudience and better connection with your body;

✅ Energy boost! Feel lighter and more alive;

✅ Improvement in your mental and emotional state;

✅ Better skin health;

✅ Improved metabolism, less bloating and discomfort;

✅ Unblocked Muladhara and Swadhisthana chakras;

✅ Decreased sugar addiction and cravings.

What goes into detox smoothie recipes? Only natural ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and seeds!

Absolutely no nasties such as laxatives, weight loss powders or any other hocus pocus That’s what makes detox the most healthy, simple and quick way to lose weight!

Bineet Bose

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