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Foods You Can and Cannot Eat on the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is made up of food components that are very high in fats and very low in carbohydrates.

Ketosis, an elevated level of ketone bodies in the blood, occurs because fat is converted into ketones in the liver. This happens when there is a minimal amount of carbs in the diet and a high amount of fats. The liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies enabling the body to burn fat for energy and this can help supply energy to the brain. Ketogenic Shopping List

When eating keto, it's essential that you eat your healthy fats, protein and carbs in the right proportion depending on which type you are following. Macronutrients or macros are essential for survival because they are required for the proper functioning of the body. Carbohydrates, protein and fats are macros. There are some carbohydrates that have a high glycemic index like potato chips, ice cream, syrup and some with a low glycemic index like kale, cabbage, cauliflower and leafy greens.

Foods allowed on the ketogenic diet: These are food items you can buy from the farmer's market or your grocery store. All meats, seafood, full-fat dairy are allowed on the keto diet. Fats: Butter Avocado oil Olive Oil Ghee Coconut Oil MCT Oil Meat: Beef Chicken Turkey Duck Veal Venison Lamb Goat Pork Seafood: Fish Mackerel Shrimp Oysters Crayfish Cod Salmon Vegetables: Kale Spinach Lettuce Cauliflower Broccoli Celery Cucumber Zucchini Cabbage Asparagus Eggplant Bell peppers Fruits: Strawberries Blueberries Raspberries Blackberries Limes Lemons Coconut Avocados Tomatoes Olives Dairy: Full fat organic cheese Full fat organic milk Full fat yogurt Nuts and nut milk: Almonds and almond milk Cashews and cashew milk Macadamia nuts Walnuts Brazil nuts Pine nuts Pistachios Seeds: Flax seeds Chia seeds Hemp seeds Pumpkin Seeds Foods not allowed on the ketogenic diet: Gluten (from Wheat) Grains Legumes Refined Sugar High Glycemic-Load Foods High Fructose Corn Syrup

My book, The Complete Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting Guide For Beginners is coming out in 2022. It includes a ketogenic shopping list, an amazing 14 day meal plan with net carbs under 25 g per day and so much more. Using only a few easily obtainable inexpensive ingredients in our recipes, you can prepare keto meals in minutes, anytime, anywhere. This makes it easy for anyone to do and it helps people move towards their goal of optimal health. My book is full of information on the keto diet, the wonderful benefits and the amazing easy recipes you can make.

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