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Discipline - The Vehicle of Success

We have all heard 'Practice Makes Perfect'. Practice is doing something repeatedly in order to do it well and once you learn to do it well, you practice to do it better. Whether it is shooting a basketball or preparing for a speech, practice is your best ally. But what is it that keeps you practicing? It is Discipline.

Our society enjoys sports. We gather in bars and fill stadiums to watch athletes execute almost perfectly. Whether it is a fighter or a football player, we are in awe and entertained by their almost super human skills. But those skills we so admire do not happen overnight. When a boxer steps into a ring or a basketball player steps unto the court and they execute, what you are watching is the culmination of 1000's of repetitive moves and hours of dedication. What kept them repeating the same move over and over again, day in and day out, hardly letting up, is Discipline.

Naturally we are not a disciplined species. We love what feels good all the time. We run from discomfort. Anything that is outside our comfort zone, we shy away from. Discipline is like an internal drill sergeant that yells at us to get our asses up when we want to roll over and enjoy more sleep. It tells us that it is not time to go home when everyone else have retired for the night. Discipline tells you not to eat that slice of cake or drink that Coke. Whatever your objective is, Discipline is necessary to stay on the right track towards it.

So how does one attain Discipline? Like most good qualities in life, Discipline can be developed. Think of the first thing you do when you get up in the morning. What is it? Do you reach for the TV remote? Head straight into the kitchen? Here is an idea for how you can begin to develop discipline in your life. Since each day is a new opportunity for you to live the rest of your life start with something that will require Discipline at first; Make your bed.

That's it. Make your bed. Make your bed every day. There will be days when you don't feel like making your bed. Do it anyways. Start your day having accomplished a task to improve your life. A made bed is a very good way to start your day. It is an accomplishment. At first it will take Discipline to keep you doing this if you have not been used to making your bed. Eventually you will do so out of habit. You have created a good habit. Congratulations!

Now, what are you after? A better paying job? Making a team? Winning a championship? Whatever it is, understand the Discipline that made it possible to accomplish that first task in the morning is not limited. It is there to help you with whatever your goals are. You just need to heed it, not ignore it. The more disciplined you become in various areas of your life, the more structure you will find in those areas of your life.

Whatever your goal is, think of yourself as an athlete competing to attain it. Put yourself in the mindset of an athlete. Then employ Discipline to keep at it to make yourself better. You will reap if you do not grow weary.

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