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Beta Alanine - Information You Need To Know About This Supplement! By Bineet Bose

Beta Alanine reviews are almost always positive ever since it was introduced to the supplement market place about 4 years ago. It's really the ability to boost carnosine that makes it a useful ergogenic aid and it is a direct precursor to carnosine. This supplement has become very popular an is included in most pre-workout powders.

Carnosine is synthesized in the body using beta alanine and histidine. Since there is an abundance of free histidine in the bloodstream, taking beta alanine will contribute to higher carnosine levels in the cells. Beta alanine is what is called an isomer amino acid, being very similar to L-alanine, but facing a different direction. These slight variations can have major effects on how an amino acid is utilized by the body and this is certainly the case with it opposed to L-alanine. These two amino acid isomers share very little in common pharmacologically.

This potent amino acid has been shown to increase strength and stamina in performance athletes and may help the elderly by boosting brain activity and energy levels. One of its major effects that contributes to its popularity as a sports supplement is the ability to buffer lactic acid. Lactic acid is a byproduct of cellular metabolism that especially occurs with intense exercise. When the body is exposed to high intensity exercise it produces lactic acid, which signals that energy is getting low.

This supplement has the ability to buffer lactic acid which is what gives it such a huge advantage to strength and performance athletes. It has been shown to increase the effects of creatine on energy output and strength which is why it is included in many pre-workout formulas. It is theorized that the optimal beta alanine dosage is 1800mg, making it hard to achieve optimal levels with most supplements.

Beta alanine side effects are few but it has one nasty side effect that people either love or hate! It causes a "flush" effect similar to niacin which some describe as a "tingle". This is totally harmless but may make your skin feel itchy for 20-30 minutes after taking the supplement. It is theorized that it causes the nerves close to your skin to signal similar to niacin. The flush is nothing to be concerned with and has no negative health effects, but it may be annoying to some people. The flushing may be reduced by taking your supplement with something sugary like fruit juice this should help eliminate that side effect by forcing the nutrient into the cells and thus keeping it away from the nerves.

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