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The secret is out for getting that flat belly and toned legs.

 “Include these 10 top superfoods in your diet to begin seeing the magic in your waist drop”.

1) Apple Cider Vinegar 

2) Chia Seeds

3) Kale and spinach

4) Cinnamon Water

5) Oats

6) Salads

7) Egg Whites

8) Detox water

9) Herbal tea

10) Sorry,  none of the above actually 

Now, how many of you actually did read through the list with eyes wide open waiting to find that magical food which you haven’t tried yet for your weight loss?? 

Just start typing ” Top 10 ” and Google auto-suggests you the best diet foods you can take to lose weight. Seriously ?? Do you reckon it is as simple as to take a cinnamon drink or herbal tea and start to lose weight magically? Or add Chia seeds and flax seeds to your diet and drop inches off your tummy? 

The science behind weight loss:- 

Energy balance rules whether a person loses weight or gains weight or maintains the same weight he is at.

Maintenance Calories:

The calories required by the body to maintain its current weight is known as maintenance calories. At this calorie consumption, a person will maintain the weight he is on currently. The energy balance here is in an equilibrium state where the energy intake is equal to the energy Expenditure and hence the calories In vs calories Out is balanced and the person maintains his weight.

Calorie Deficit:

When a person consumes fewer calories than his maintenance calories that is known as Deficit Calories.  When your energy intake is lower than your energy expenditure you would be in a state of negative energy balance and hence lose weight. The amount of weight a person loses depends upon the degree of deficit that is created in a person’s caloric intake.

Calorie Surplus:

When a person consumes calories higher than his maintenance calories that are known as surplus calories. When your energy intake is greater than energy expenditure then a person would be in a positive energy balance and this helps him gain weight.

Now, Weight loss is a simple result of Burning more Calories than you consume. Or in other words, eating less than what you burn throughout the day and being in a state of calorie deficit. What foods you eat does not matter here so long as the condition of Calories In < Calories Out is fulfilled.

This being said, it no way means you stuff yourself with only junk and highly processed foods as those are usually high in calories and low in satiety levels. A wiser decision would be incorporating 80% whole nutritious foods to complete your body’s nutritional needs and 20% of your favourite goodies to satisfy those cravings. 

Shortcuts give you only short term results. Similarly adopting crash weight loss strategies or quick fixes in your diet will give you results lasting only a couple of days to weeks after which you are bound to get back to your original shape once you stop those crash courses on weight loss. A better and wiser approach would be to go the slow and steady way and lose weight the healthy and sustainable way. Never fall for such baits of losing weight in one week or the recent fad of superfoods to help you get a toned body etc.