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5 Supplements Which May Help The Body's Immune System

Perhaps, because of the current pandemic, and how it concerns, and worries, so many people, there has been, far more attention paid, to options, and alternatives, related to enhancing our body's immune system. Obviously, there are several conventional approaches, and treatments/ medications, to address immunity, but this article will only, discuss 5 specific supplements, and how these, might have immune - benefits! It is important, to understand, prior to using, any of these, you should discuss, anything, you consider, thoroughly, with your knowledgeable, experienced, health professional. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 supplements, and their potential benefits, and uses.

1. Vitamin D: The best source of Vitamin D, is sunshine, but many individuals, find, they need, to use supplements, because, they don't get enough exposure. Because, of the fear of sun - induced, skin cancer, and/ or, climate, etc, many don't get enough, from the source. This sun accomplishes this, by converting cholesterol, to Vitamin D. Since, it is fat - based, instead of water - soluble, it's important, to use the right amount, and not exceed recommended does! It is believed to work, by reducing/ fighting inflammation, and, thus, enhancing one's immunity.

2. Zinc: Zinc has several health benefits, both, by - itself, as well as, in combination with other supplements, etc. It is needed for immune - cell development, and improved respiratory function. It has, also, been used, successfully, in conjunction, with supplements, such as Calcium, to protect, and strengthen bones, etc.

3. Vitamin C: Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid, has been discussed, for its potential health benefits, for decades! Many consider it, one of the finest, most powerful, antioxidants, which are essential, in the battle against, so - called, free radicals. In addition, to getting this nutrition, via Supplements, it is readily available, in many fruits and vegetables, including oranges, etc.

4. Garlic: Garlic is believed to be, one of nature's most powerful, anti - viral, and anti - inflammatory items. However, in order to intake, the amount, and degree of garlic, which might have the desirable health benefits, you would never be able to go near people, because of the odor, it creates, also. However, some Supplement manufacturers, have created products, with minimal, to no odor (called, odorless).

5. Vitamins B 12, and B 6: Many adults are diagnosed, with Vitamin B deficiencies, especially, Vitamin B12, and B6. However, these also, are not water - soluble, and, therefore, it is essential, to only take, the recommended doses. These vitamins are important, for maintaining a healthy, immune system, and one reason, for adult, health - related issues, is the deficiencies.

Although, many believe, using Supplements, is a smart, alternative health approach, and the ones, mentioned, here, have been studied, and are believed, to have many benefits, for human immunity. However, never proceed, unless/ until, you first, discuss, with a trust, health professional, expert!

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