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4 Reasons why Green Coffee better than black coffee?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

SITA ji👵- Bhenji ye konsa sharbat pee rahe ho aap😯

Bhavna ji🧕🏻- Hayeee bhenji sharbat na bolo ise ye to dawai ka kaam kr rhi hai! Ye green coffee hai🍵. Amrit mere liye laya hai caneda se. Mera bp itna badh jata hai black coffee se. Upar se wazan bhi utna ka utna hai😞, to subah ek cup green coffee le leti hu. Sab set chlra hai😎

Sita ji👵- Sacchi Weight loss b hota hai?😯 Bhenji amrit se kehdo agli baar jab ayga na mere liye bhi le aaye.

GREEN COFFEE🍵 ka naam to sabhi ne sunlia hoga abtak. But why is it better than black coffee☕?


Vese to the amount of caffeine in both green and regular coffee beans is the same. But when we prepare hot coffee by mixing the beans with water🚰, the caffeine content of green coffee beans is not fully extracted🧐. This is because they are not roasted, unlike black coffee. Ek black coffee k cup☕ me hoti hai 100 mg caffeine, jabki a cup of green coffee🍵 only has 20 mg! 5 guna kam! 400 mg caffeine per day is considered safe, which 4 cups of black coffee can provide. Lekin, agar apko high blood pressure hai, to you should avoid black coffee☕.

Why is black coffee☕ not as good as green coffee🍵?

🚫BAD FOR HYPERTENSION- It has more caffeine and too much caffeine can immediately increase your bp and heart🫀 rate!

🚫ESCALATES ANXIETY- Too much caffeine is also bad for people jinko neend😴 nahi ati hai, aur those who have anxiety.😨

🚫NOT GOOD FOR PCOS- During the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, coffee consumption has been linked to a considerable increase in oestrogen hormone levels. Because PCOS causes hormonal imbalance😵‍💫 and coffee use raises the risk of hormonal imbalance in PCOS patients.


Black or regular coffee beans undergo a process called roasting. This removes many beneficial compounds that are originally present in the green coffee bean. Roasting involves quickly raising↗️↗️ the temperature of heating the beans to extremely high temperatures🔥. This destroys all the volatile compounds that could be beneficial.


According to the Research Paper titled- '‘Studies on extraction and antioxidant potential of green coffee'’, Green coffee bean conserves of Arabica and Robusta showed antioxidant activity of 92 % and 88 %, respectively.



Chlorogenic Acid is the primary antioxidant present in green coffee. It offers a host of health benefits. You name it, you have it. 😎

Chlorogenic acid generated a dramatic decrease📉📉 in both systolic and diastolic blood pressures, according to an analysis. Chlorogenic acid is found safe in every study.

✅Chlorogenic Acid May Help with Glucose Control and aids weight loss as per scientific proof.

✅It helps in the prevention of heart disease and atherosclerosis

✅It has Anti-inflammation properties

✅It also has mood-boosting properties.

Ab we know, chlorogenic acid k itne benefits hain.😍 But Green coffee ka hi chlorogenic acid itna special kyun🤔? Ye hum nahi, researchers bata rhe hain that in humans, the primary chlorogenic acid chemicals found in green coffee are quickly absorbed and converted to energy.

RESEARCH SOURCE- 💚‘' Chlorogenic Acids from Green Coffee Extract are Highly Bioavailable in Humans, The Journal of Nutrition’'💚